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Naviance Student is a key component of the college guidance curriculum at FCS.  Naviance Student is a software tool that assists parents and students with college and career exploration and planning.  Each FCS student and parent, grades 7-12, have a personalized profile where they are able to engage career assessments, scholarship search resources, resume building tools, and college search information. 

Guests may log-in as a Guest User to see a sample profile.  Guests have limited access to the resources provided to our students and parents on Naviance Student, however there are several college and career materials available for our guests’ viewing. 

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Academic & College Counseling Office
Secondary Office: 510.744.2280 


Research has shown that students often lose some of their reading fluency and comprehension as well as writing skills during the summer months.  Fremont Christian School continues its summer reading assignment for all secondary students entering grades 6-12 in the fall.  This reading assignment is meant to provide practice so that students are able to retain and maintain their skills over the summer months.  It also provides them with an opportunity to start the school year with a shared reading experience.

For this year’s assignments, the faculty has revised the book lists and requirements as well as the note-taking assignment from previous years. Instructions for note-taking have been included with each grade level book list. Please read the assignment carefully; it provides information about the required reading, the student choice reading, and the writing assignments.  On the first day of school, August 15, 2023, students should bring both books (Kindle or other e-readers are fine) they have read along with their written work.

Students - If you will be enrolled in either AP English Language or AP English Literature: You only need to complete the AP English summer assignment.  AP English summer work will be emailed to enrolled students by the beginning of June.

Parents: Please work with your child very closely to choose his/her reading books for the summer.  We have included novels by a variety of authors from classic to contemporary and representing a range of cultures. Included in the lists are some contemporary high interest literature all of which are appropriate for high school and college preparedness.  While someone on staff has read all of these books, we recognize that not every parent would choose every book for their child (for example, some will have profanity).  Please read the online reviews to inform your decision and consider your child’s maturity and ability to synthesize difficult concepts. 


Fremont Christian School offers Encyclopedia Britannica Online to our families.

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  • User name: fremontchristian
  • Password: 4christ

Because of the easy access to internet information, most families do not have to keep current sets of encyclopedias in their homes. Through your scrip purchases, FCS is able to subscribe to this online encyclopedia.


Each year we subscribe to a website hosted by EBSCO. Through EBSCO, students not only have access to over 300 full text and secondary databases, they also have access to the following features:

  • EBSCOhost is designed to cater to various user needs and preferences at every level of research

  • The EBSCOhost Result List is designed to bring the most popular and useful functionality to researchers on one multifunctional scree, eliminating unnecessary clicks to access features needed to maximize search results

  • EBSCO offers a text-to-speech support tool (as featured in ELL Reference Center) for many EBSCOhost databases that provides significant assistance to English Language Learners/Limited English Proficient students
EBSCO offers the following free service:
  • Training Materials for EBSCO Publishing Products are also available in Spanish.
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Be sure to visit the Customer Service Center, your single source for helpful links, web sites, communication shortcuts, and curriculum integration materials.

Student Success Tools – Help your students succeed with these quick lessons on key study-skill topics such as note taking and bibliography writing.

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